Reading Nook: Bed Frame

My oldest son Zach, has a nice-sized closet area that up to this point was not getting a lot of use. Because he already has a dresser drawer set this made for the perfect space to build in. Enter the idea to convert it into a reading nook!

After some searching on Pinterest, I found a good plan that I want to base this off. Although I don’t plan on following this exactly, it has some pretty nifty ideas for the upper portion (above the ‘bed’).

My goal at the moment is to build the bed frame and then focus on the bottom portion where I plan on installing some book shelves.

At any rate, tonight was the official start of the project. While my wife was out shopping with our pretty little lady (Zadie), I was getting the measurements and wood cut for the frame while my three boys “helped” in their own little way.

The bed frame is going to be 36 inches off the ground which should allow for plenty of space for Zach to crawl underneath to store his books, toys and who knows what else on the shelves. The overall dimensions of the bed are 76 inches long and 33 inches wide. Although it is not quite the official size of a single bed, it’s pretty close and allows for plenty of room for a young child to sit, lie down or even sleep on.

As shown in the photos below, the frame was mostly completed tonight with just the remaining center support pieces needing to be inserted. I’m a bit unsure if this is enough to support the weight of an adult given that the front portion has very little support, but perhaps it does?

Up next, the completion of the bed frame.


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