Reading Nook: Bed Frame Complete

This morning I finished off the frame of the bed by adding in the support ‘beams’ to give it a solid and sturdy base. Next step will be to add ¾” plywood to the top and I’m hoping that I have enough scraps to cover the top surface area. Since it will be covered with foam I should be able to get away with using a patchwork of scrap pieces.

Completed frame for the reading nook

Zach, ever confident in my skills as a ‘handyman’, was petrified when I placed him on top of the frame – he was so sure it would break to pieces because of his weight (40 lbs soaking wet).

Zach was quite sure it wouldn't be able to hold his weight

Read my previous post that details the humble beginning of this project, or move on to the next step where I will build a ladder so the poor kid can actually get on the thing!


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